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Updated Wed, May 20th

While participation is optional, we hope Capri students are eager to show off their creativity and artistic skills. For detailed information, please review the Capri Art Gallery guidelines. (PDF)

Any type of 2D art: illustration, painting, or photograph. Simply electronically scan or take a picture of your artwork to submit. All student art entries need to be submitted electronically with the Google Form (CUSD student emails only) 

All submissions are due Friday, May 29th by 3 pm. The Capri Art Gallery will be published on Thursday, June 4th on the Capri Website. 

By submitting work, you are agreeing to your student’s work with first name and grade level to be displayed on CUSD websites and social media.


Updated Wed, May 20th

You won’t need scuba gear to feel like you’re underwater with these stunning high-res 360-degree views of national marine sanctuaries like the Florida Keys, Monterey Bay and the Olympic Coast. 

Immerse yourself in the ocean and your national marine sanctuaries without getting wet! These virtual reality voyages use 360-degree images to highlight the amazing habitats, animals, and cultural resources you can find in each national marine sanctuary.

Select which sanctuary you want to visit, scroll through the gallery, and click on a panorama to start your dive!


Updated Wed, May 20th

Distance Learning has begun!

  • Teachers will send a weekly plan every Monday to their class.

  • The weekly plan will also be added to our Capri Distance Learning Hub for ease of reference. 

  • Weekly Plans will include 4 ELA lessons and 4 Math lessons   

  • Teachers will make themselves available to personally connect at least 2 times a week. Examples include answering questions by email, offering feedback on documents, providing comments through SeeSaw, or as a whole class Zoom meeting.

Click Resources tab then Distance Learning!

screen shot

Updated Wed, May 20th

This year the 5th grade could not have a live Wax Museum, a tradition at Capri, but that did not stop them from completing their Famous Americans project.  The following pictures represent months of reading about and researching their subjects.  We can't show them all but, here are a few.  See more on our Twitter account .

Great job 5th Grade!


Updated Mon, May 18th

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and those families who were able to participate in the virtual meeting. 

Attached is Mrs. Wellendorf's presentation.

Updated Wed, May 20th

Mrs. Wellendorf and Mrs. Eshoff with your weekly announcements!

Updated Wed, May 13th

A Message to our students and families.

Individual pictures of people holding signs

Updated Wed, May 13th

This engaging and interactive tour is super cool. Check out hundreds of artifacts that can be searched by era, category, or region of the world. Round clay tablets from schoolchildren in ancient Mesopotamia, a crocodile-skin suit of armor from ancient Egypt, or even the Rosetta Stone are just a few of the treasures you can check out from home.

British Museum


Updated Wed, May 13th

The U.S. Census Bureau can help with their Statistics in Schools program, which offers over 200 free learning activities and resources for children in pre-K through 12th grade that can easily be used at home.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn together about your country, state, and the local community.


Parent/Caregiver Toolkits: To help parents and caregivers support students with distance learning, the Statistics in Schools program has developed four toolkits that provide tips, best practices, and instruction on how to use and adapt our activities and resources for at-home use. Each toolkit describes two types of materials — Quick and Easy Resources and Activities — so parents and caregivers can easily choose those appropriate for their preschool, elementary, middle, and high school children. The toolkits contain everything you need to get started, including a teaching guide, student worksheet, a list of materials, and an estimate of how long each lesson takes.

 Pre-K Toolkit: This toolkit provides instruction on using fun and interactive resources and activities with counting, coloring, and animal themes to help young children with early learning skills. Through a storybook, song, and videos, kids also learn why it’s important to count everyone – especially children – in the 2020 Census.

Elementary School Toolkit: This toolkit provides instruction on using resources and activities that build skills in subjects like history, math, geography, and English. With these activities, your elementary school children will interact with data tools, maps, and videos while learning the value of census statistics and why it's important for everyone to be counted in the 2020 Census.

Updated Wed, May 13th

Mrs. Wellendorf and Mrs. Eshoff with your weekly announcements!