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Upcoming Events

First Grade Robots

The first grade classes solved a problem with robots.

Capri First graders were tasked with building a robot to solve a problem.  The problems ranged from doing their homework, cleaning their rooms, and doing the dishes.  Lots of creativity, fun and hands-on learning.

Two students with their robots

Two students with their robots

Kindergarten Tour

We had a great turnout for our Kindergarten Tour.

Mrs. Wellendorf presenting to parents

Mrs. Wellendorf presented to a large group of prospective parents on Wednesday morning.  She discussed learning targets, common core standards, assessments, enrichment programs and ways to get involved at Capri. Parents were treated to a tour of our campus, including the kindergarten classrooms.   After the tour, three 5th grade students took over and talked about some of their favorite memories, projects and experiences at Capri.  

We will be having one more tour (TK focus) on January 29th at 8:30 am.  

Students giving a presentation

School Site Council

SSC discussed the ThoughtExchange results.

Hands pointing at papers on a table

Capri's School Site Council met on Tuesday, January 21st.  One of their agenda items was to discuss and categorize the results from the district-wide ThoughtExchange.  The council reviewed all of the results from both parents and students. These results will be used when making budget decisions for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Parent Learning Community Thursday, Jan. 30th 8:15 am

Danielle M.S. Cohen, CUSD Governing Board Member, will present.

Please join us for what should be one of our most popular Parent Learning Communities. Ms. Cohen, who has been a Board member since 2004, will be leading our next Parent Learning Community.  She will be discussing what school board members do on behalf of Campbell Union School District students.  

Picture of Ms. Cohen

Design Thinking Approach Spreads to More CUSD Schools

The approach to teaching core academics is energizing students and teachers!

two girls smiling with their project

“Design thinking is an approach to teaching core academics that will develop our students’ skills as collaborative, innovative, self-directed, empathetic critical thinkers who can be successful in their yet-to-be-defined future,” says Shelly Viramontez, Superintendent of Campbell Union School District (CUSD).

design thinking process stepsDesign thinking, a process for empathy-based creative problem-solving, is spreading to classrooms across the district. While it is a primary focus of the district’s new Campbell School of Innovation, more teachers in other schools also are using it. Over the past year, nearly 25% of the district’s more than 380 teachers have experienced the design thinking process and how to incorporate it into their lessons.  (See related story about first-grade teacher Megan Delaye.)

“Students are becoming more energized about owning their learning, and their teachers are seeing student achievement rise as they incorporate more of these relevant problem-solving projects into their instruction,” says Kami Thordardson, CUSD’s Director of Innovation & Digital Learning. She says CUSD Equity Coaches have been working this year with teachers from several schools, both groups and individuals, and all teachers had the option to participate in a design project through the district wide library design project last year.

“We’re preparing students for jobs that haven’t even been imagined yet,” says Viramontez. “Design thinking is one of the ways we can educate students to their highest potential.”