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Upcoming Events

Walk or Roll to Capri!

Curious how long it would take you and your family to walk to Capri? Ride a bike to Capri? Check out this map made by one of our amazing parents to see how long it would take you! It may be less time than you think.  A family "bike bus" may be starting soon. More details to come. 


   At Capri, we use a method of communication that allows us to bring our important news & happenings directly to your cell phone!

It is called Remind, and it allows parents to sign up for text messages to be sent to them about upcoming events and reminders. We do not receive your cell phone number, and you do not receive ours. It is confidential and easily opted-out if it is not to your liking.

There are two simple ways to sign up:

From your phone: Text @4fd34  to 81010 or

From your computer:

Sign up today and stay in the know!


School Lunch Policies

Welcome back to another amazing year at Capri School! To help you plan for your child’s lunchtime needs, here are a few friendly reminders of our school meal policies.

Hot lunch is available every day for $3.50. If you would like to apply for free or reduced lunch, you can do so here or come into the office for a paper application. Hot lunch benefits from last year will roll over until Oct. 3rd. After that, a new application must be processed in order to continue receiving benefits.

If your child forgets their lunch, we will always feed them! A lunch charge of $3.50 will be applied to your account and you can pay in the office or online.

Online payment accounts are available through My School Bucks. You will need your child’s school ID number to set up your account. You can register here: My School Bucks

The menu changes several times a year, so check back often to see what new, exciting and healthy options our district kitchen is cooking up! 

Living Classroom Program Taking Root

Living Classroom is taking root at Capri School, providing 7 lessons to TK-3 students in September and October, with many more to come!  All TK-3 teachers are participating. Lesson topics this fall include:

  • human impact on their environment
  • recording measurements of plants
  • understand the relationship between numbers and quantities
  • adaptations of plants and/or animals for survival
  • photosynthesis
  • producers and consumers
  • functions of parts of plants
  • decomposition and how nature recycles
  • using the scientific method in a real live experiment to test a hypothesis
  • habitats
  • making bar graphs to represent data
  • nutrition and healthy eating—fruits, vegetables and whole grains

The Program is seeking interested volunteers to be trained as docents or assistant docents or work with our garden manager to maintain the educational gardens.  Docent training sessions start on Monday, September 10th   from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. and September 17th from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. at Capri Elementary School, Room C-6.

Founded 12 years ago, the program serves students in 29 schools in Los Altos, Mountain View, Palo Alto and now Campbell.  The hands-on, inquiry-based science, math, nutrition and social studies lessons take place in school gardens which provide a living laboratory where lessons are drawn from real-life experiences.  

For more information about the Living Classroom and to learn more about volunteering, contact the Living Classroom Campbell Program Manager Stefani Brandt at shawns [at] or call 408-500-9911 and visit the website at

Traffic and Safety

Pick-up and drop-off can be a very busy time and we ask that you please support our efforts by adhering to our safety guidelines. Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us.  

·       When dropping-off or picking-up your child, please use the appropriate lanes. In the front of the school, the left lane is drive-through only and the right lane is for pick-up and drop off.

·       The circular driveway in the front of the school is for drop-off and pick-up only.  Enter from the west end, and exit from the east end of the driveway---always pulling to the forward-most position. While in the right lane, please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR. Additionally, please do not let your child enter or exit your car from the left lane or have your child go through the parking lot to meet you out in front of the school.  

·       Do not block or park in the Red Zone – this is reserved for buses only.

·       Lastly, if you are parking, please make plans to come early to get a parking place in the surrounding neighborhood.  Please help us to be a good neighbor, and don’t block or park in anyone’s driveway.