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Upcoming Events

Parent Learning Community Thursday, Sept. 26th

Learn how to communicate positively with your children.

Join us for our first Parent Learning Community of the school year.  Jung Won, Capri's CASSY Counselor (Counseling and Support Services for Youth), will be presenting, "Positive Communication Skills with your Child".  Learn how to talk and listen to your children in positive ways.  

 Jung Won has her BA in Child Development and her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy.  She has had many experiences working with young children as a preschool teacher and art teacher. This is her fourth year working as a school based counselor. As an MFT and mother of three children, supporting children and their parents has always been something she is passionate about. 



Attendance Awareness Month - Tardiness

Even being just a few minutes late or leaving early can cause students to miss out on key learning opportunities.

Help your student succeed by consistently being on time to school.  When students are just a few minutes late they can miss out on important learning opportunities such as class huddles, morning announcements, reminders to turn in homework.  On time students are successfull.  Student attendance is one of the most common predictors of academic achievement. Students who participate fully in school activities will have more opportunities to achieve academically.  Here are some things parents can do to help their students be on time every day.

  • Establishing and keeping a schedule; children thrive on routine
  • Going to bed and waking up earlier
  • Preparing for the morning the night before by laying out outfits, packing backpacks, and pre-packing lunches
  • If work schedules conflict, investigate other means of transportation, such as carpooling with other families


Have Questions? Our School Handbook has answers

Please review our handbook for detailed information about Capri

Help us keep your child safe and happy at school. Please review the Capri Parent Handbook for helpful information and expectations.

Coming Soon: Special Schedule for Conferences

Mark your calendar with special early release time!

During Conference Week, students will be dismissed very early the week of October 7 - October 11

Please note the special bell schedule shown below and plan accordingly.

TK - 3rd Dismissed at 12:05

4th-5th Dismissed at 12:10

We also have a slightly different lunch schedule

TK-2nd 11:00-11:43

3rd        11:18-12:03

4th-5th  11:33-12:08

School Site Council Parent Representatives

Meet our new SSC Parents

Congratulations to Lauren Gourley and Pia Tukkinen our newly elected parent representatives for School Site Council. Welcome back Laurie Lee de Cesare who was a parent representative last year.  SSC is a committee of school personnel and parents who review the school plan annually, establish a budget, make modifications as necessary, and assist in the evaluation of the school's programs.