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Upcoming Events

Yogurtland Contest

Our local Yogurtland is hosting a CUSD Ahhhh-Mazing Race! Students, staff and family members can participate by purchasing treats from the Bascom Ave. Yogurtland between now and mid-December. For every $5 spent, our school earns points! The CUSD school with the most points at the end will win a monetary prize for their school AND have a yogurt named after their school which will be featured in-store! 

Take a break from your holiday shopping and prep and pop in for a treat! 

1790 S Bascom Ave
Campbell, CA



Sees Candy Sales

See’s Candies make perfect holiday gifts & year-end thank yous!

Orders and Money Due:Tuesday, November 14th

Candy Available for Pick Up: Week of December 4th

Thank you for supporting Capri PTA fundraising!

Contact capripta [at] with any questions. 

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

safety first

The safety of our children, both physical and emotional is the highest priority. As we arrive and leave daily, the mornings can be a stressful time and the afternoons a confusing time as families and students rush or linger about. It is vital that we model the patience and respect we want our children to take into their future. Allow yourself time to find parking and walk. Please be respectful of marked parking stalls and any traffic cones. Also, please be thoughtful of our neighbors and do not park on grass, in or in front of driveways, obey the parking signs, and be courteous of pedestrian and automobile traffic.

Yard Duty Opportunities

Interested in volunteering at Capri?

We are always looking for involved, kind, dedicated parents to join our yard duty staff. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the kids in play and help monitor their social interactions, safety protocols, and daily recess activities. Both volunteer and paid positions are available.

To apply for a paid position, go to

To apply for a volunteer position, stop by the office and fill out a parent volunteer application.