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Upcoming Events

Student Belongings Distribution information

The distribution will take place June 5th, 8th and 9th.

Drive Thru Sign

Your child’s teacher will be sending out detailed information for collecting students’ belongings starting next week. Each grade level has developed a systematic way to pass out student belongings and to collect school items from your child. Please adhere to the guidelines asked by the teachers such as wearing a mask and staying in your vehicle. Please plan on driving, not walking, to pick up any belongings. Additionally, if you have library books to return, please leave them in a bag for us to collect. If you are NOT returning to a CUSD school, please place your child’s Chromebook and charger in a bag with your child's name on it for us to collect. Below are the date and times by grade level. If you have questions, please contact your child’s teacher. 


Date: Friday, June 5, 2020 

Ms. Yanai, Ms. Deitsch & Ms. Ferito 9-10am

Ms. Ziolkowski & Ms. Barklow, 10-11am

First Grade:

Date: Friday, June 5

Ms. Hayes & Mrs. Shimosaka’s 12:00-1:00pm

Mrs. Vander Kooi & Mr. Tavakol 1:00-2:00 

Second Grade:

Date: Tuesday, June 9th

All Teachers  9:30-10:30am

Third Grade:

Date: Monday, June 8th

Ms. Mancuso & Ms. Nielsen 12:00-1:00pm

Ms. Erica & Ms. Iden1:00-2:00pm

Fourth Grade:

Date: Monday, June 8th

All Teachers 9:30-11am

Fifth Grade:

Tuesday, June 9th

Ms. McGriff & Mr. Ramon 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Ms. Brackett & Ms. Desai1:00-2:00 pm

Last Day of Teacher-led instruction

The last day of teacher-led instruction will be on Thursday, June 4.

Students on computers with teachers

As previously stated in a news post by our district office, the last day of teacher-led instruction will be on Thursday, June 4. This is the last day that teachers will be posting lessons/work for classes. It is not the last day of school! The actual last day of school is June 11. The district will be providing online extracurricular activities for students from Friday, June 5 to Thursday, June 11. There will be more information about this provided in the near future. Please continue to go to our Capri Distance Learning Hub for the most recent lessons and resources

Zion National Park Field Trip

Zion, located in Utah is one of the many National Parks in the U.S.

Zion National Park

Take a Virtual Field trip to Zion National Park Check out the video that paired the shuttle narration with footage of the shuttle bus route, including driving the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The narration includes periods of silence and the video is a little shaky, but we hope you can still enjoy these sights of Zion Canyon! You may even learn a thing or two. You can also take an e-hike on Angel’s Landing, one of the most famous trails in the park.

Creek water flows over a small shelf as it reflects orange light

Blue sky shows through a natural arch made from red sandstone.

A sandy trail is surrounded by bright green maple trees.

Capri Distance Learning Hub

Use the Capri Distance Learning Hub to easily access your student's weekly lessons. Click on Resources -> Distance Learning.

Distance Learning has begun!

  • Teachers will send a weekly plan every Monday to their class.

  • The weekly plan will also be added to our Capri Distance Learning Hub for ease of reference. 

  • Weekly Plans will include 4 ELA lessons and 4 Math lessons   

  • Teachers will make themselves available to personally connect at least 2 times a week. Examples include answering questions by email, offering feedback on documents, providing comments through SeeSaw, or as a whole class Zoom meeting.

Click Resources tab then Distance Learning!

screen shot

Capri Virtual Art Gallery

Capri will be hosting its first ever virtual art gallery!

Art Gallery

While participation is optional, we hope Capri students are eager to show off their creativity and artistic skills. For detailed information, please review the Capri Art Gallery guidelines. (PDF)

Any type of 2D art: illustration, painting, or photograph. Simply electronically scan or take a picture of your artwork to submit. All student art entries need to be submitted electronically with the Google Form (CUSD student emails only) 

All submissions are due Friday, May 29th by 3 pm. The Capri Art Gallery will be published on Thursday, June 4th on the Capri Website. 

By submitting work, you are agreeing to your student’s work with first name and grade level to be displayed on CUSD websites and social media.