English Language Development

students raising their hands in class

English Language Development (ELD) Standards are used in tandem with the Common Core State Standards to give our English Learners (ELs) what they need to acquire language and gain access to grade-level standards. The California Department of Education requires that ELs receive explicit ELD instruction (Designated/Dedicated ELD Instruction), grouped by proficiency level. ELs also need access to grade-level standards. CUSD teachers use research-based instructional strategies proven to be effective in helping ELs meet grade-level content. Our goal is to ensure that our ELs are receiving the same engaging and rigorous Common Core curriculum, but with additional language-based strategies, so that that they are ultimately successful in learning to speak English and in accessing grade-level curriculum. We believe that the measure of our success with the implementation of the Common Core rests on ensuring that our English Learners are successful in their learning.