Capri Information

Staff Directory

Office · Principal
HWellendorf [at]

Office · Assistant Principal
xgodfrey [at]

Office · Health/Office Assistant
keshoff [at]

Office · Community Liasion
dnogales [at]

Office · Administrative Assistant
TWhite [at]

takers [at]

A7 · TK Educational Associate
AlAllen [at]

B6 · Instructional Aide - RSP
DAmino [at]

C7 · First Grade
lbarklow [at]

D3 · 4th Grade
JBerliner [at]

B6 · Instructional Aide - RSP
kbianchi [at]

C11 · Fifth Grade
jbrackett [at]

K2 · Lead Teacher
JBrar [at]

Child Nutrition Assistant
SCampa [at]

BCeri [at]

KCheng [at]

Library · Library Aide
CCota [at]

CCromwell [at]

ADelacruzalmaraz [at]

C13 and C14 · Campbell Care Coordinator
ddeojeda [at]

E2 · Kindergarten
NDeitsch [at]

gdelgado [at]

C12 · Fifth Grade
NDesai [at]

CDunn [at]

A7 · Transitional-Kindergarten
MFerrito [at]

B7 · 2nd Grade
lfortin [at]

C13 and C14 · Campbell Care
KGaskill [at]

AnGuraydin [at]

C9 · First Grade
lhayes [at]

MHruby [at]

B1 · 2nd Grade
tiden [at]

B8 · 2nd Grade
RJacovini [at]

C5 · First Grade
EJasnaStruble [at]

KJuan [at]

AJuradocamacho [at]

E1 · Kindergarten
dkanazawa [at]

K1 · Preschool Aide
SKnowles [at]

Instructional Assistant - ELD
WLin [at]

CLongabaugh [at]

C6 · First Grade
JLunardi [at]

A2 · 3rd Grade
SMancuso [at]

C4 · Fifth Grade
GMcgriff [at]

B3 · 3rd Grade
knielsen [at]

C1 · Speech Therapist
lchishom [at]

CPalacios [at]

A4 · Reading Intervention Specialist
JPinnella [at]

zramon [at]

FRindner [at]

A5 · Kindergarten
lschmoranc [at]

B4 · 2nd
mscilingo [at]

sspencer [at]

AStennett [at]

D1 · 4th Grade
Website  KSweeney [at]

MSylvester [at]

C8 · First Grade
ATavakol [at]

Child Nutrition Assistant
JTyson [at]

Health Aide
lwilson [at]

C10 · First Grade
AYabumoto [at]

E3 · Kindergarten
MYanai [at]

B5 · 2nd
szanardelli [at]