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Updated Tue, Nov 15th
Updated Mon, Nov 7th
Updated Thu, Oct 27th
Updated Mon, Oct 31st
Updated Tue, Dec 6th

It's been a busy & exciting couple of weeks here at Capri School!

We got things off to a great start after the Thanksgiving break with a Cougar Assembly honoring several students who have shown exemplary citizenship, academic effort and social responsibility. 

We also celebrated our artistic, musical & creative students with a joyful production of the “Magic Tree House, The Knight at Dawn” musical! All three performances were presented to sold out crowds!

Our Leadership students spent half a day in the Cornerstone Expect Respect workshop brainstorming ideas for Spirit Days & community building activities that will continue to promote a productive and positive environment here at Capri! 

And finally, our math-loving students attended the first meeting of our Math Olympiad team, preparing for a year-long mathematics competition with schools across the nation! 

We strive to find something for everyone and we hope you are having as much fun this year as we are! 

Updated Tue, Nov 15th
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Updated Mon, Nov 7th

As you may be aware, Pokemon cards are again gaining popularity with many of our students.  While they maybe be fun to play with and collect, they are causing a disruption here at school.  Please check with your child and remind them that toys, games, and cards are not allowed at school.  

Updated Thu, Oct 27th
safety first

The safety of our children, both physical and emotional is the highest priority. As we arrive and leave daily, the mornings can be a stressful time and the afternoons a confusing time as families and students rush or linger about. It is vital that we model the patience and respect we want our children to take into their future. Allow yourself time to find parking and walk. Please be respectful of marked parking stalls and any traffic cones. Also, please be thoughtful of our neighbors and do not park on grass, in or in front of driveways, obey the parking signs, and be courteous of pedestrian and automobile traffic.

Updated Mon, Oct 31st

Please join the Capri Staff on Twitter to help stay connected to Capri Elementary events and news.

Updated Mon, Sep 12th

It is very important that our classrooms are not disturbed unnecessarily during the school day.  Please help us minimize classroom disruptions by planning ahead:                     

  • Arrange afternoon plans  and pick-up areas with your child in the morning
  • Send snack and lunch with your student in the morning                                   

The office staff will not be delivering messages or food to your child during the day unless it is an extreme emergency.  We appreciate your support in safeguarding our instructional time and being respectful of our office staff’s time.     

Updated Wed, Nov 30th


The public can give input on CUSD's district-wide Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP) for providing quality education to more than 7,600 students in preschool through eighth grade. Two meeting opportunities in January 2017: Wed., Jan. 18, at 9 a.m., and Tue., Jan. 24, at 6:30 p.m.  (Each meeting will be held at the PLC building at Monroe Middle School.)

Updated Tue, Dec 6th
knight at dawn

Tickets for “The Knight at Dawn” on sale now! Dec. 1 & 2 at 7 pm and Dec. 3 at 2 pm. Buy tickets online at

Updated Tue, Dec 6th

Don't miss this empowering presentation on parenting internet savvy children, sponsored by Campbell Union School Disrict's new Parent University. It takes place Wed., Nov. 16th, from 6–7:30 p.m., in the PLC building at Monroe Middle School, 1055 S. Monroe St., San Jose, CA. See the flyer.

Updated Wed, Nov 9th

The Measure CC school bond will allow us to continue providing high-quality education and equal access to a 21st-century education.

A Message from Superintendent Eric Andrew

Yesterday, voters in our District overwhelmingly approved the Measure CC school bond and allow us to continue providing high-quality education and equal access to a 21st-century education.

The funds will help us do things like repair leaky roofs, upgrade fire alarms and security systems, upgrade science equipment and laboratories, provide access for students and teachers with disabilities, construct new classrooms and facilities and modernize old classrooms.

Campbell Union School District is truly fortunate to have a community that is so actively supportive of our students, teachers, and schools.

Thank you, again.

Bell Schedule

  • In Session 7:55–9:57
  • Recess 9:57–10:17
  • In Session 10:17–11:20
  • Lunch Recess 11:20–12:05
  • In Session 12:05–2:05*
  • * Wednesdays end at 1:05
  • In Session 7:55–9:35
  • Recess 9:35–9:55
  • In Session 9:55–11:20
  • Lunch Recess 11:20–12:05
  • In Session 12:05–2:05*
  • * Wednesdays end at 1:05
  • In Session 7:55–9:57
  • Recess 9:57–10:17
  • In Session 10:17–11:45
  • Lunch Recess 11:45–12:30
  • In Session 12:30–2:05*
  • * Wednesdays end at 1:05
  • In Session 7:55–9:57
  • Recess 9:57–10:17
  • In Session 10:17–12:00
  • Lunch Recess 12:00–12:30
  • In Session 12:30–2:10*
  • * Wednesdays end at 1:10

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