Capri Information

Closed Campus

Capri has a closed campus policy.

  • Students may not leave campus without permission from the office from the time of their arrival on campus through the dismissal bell.
  • Students who come to school after the start of school must report to the attendance office before going to any class.
  • Visitors, including parents and volunteers, must check in with the office and obtain a visitor's badge before entering the campus.
  • Parents must come to the office to sign their student out if they are taking him/her off campus for any reason.
  • Items (such as lunches, money, special projects, etc.) that need to be delivered to students by a parent during school hours must be done through the office. Parents may not go directly to the classroom or onto the playground without checking into the office.
  • Students may not bring visitors (such as friends or relatives) to school or have them visit on campus. Special permission may be granted by the school administration for visitors if requested by the student and parents.