Capri Elementary School

Living Classroom Program Taking Root

Living Classroom is taking root at Capri School, providing 7 lessons to TK-3 students in September and October, with many more to come!  All TK-3 teachers are participating. Lesson topics this fall include:

  • human impact on their environment
  • recording measurements of plants
  • understand the relationship between numbers and quantities
  • adaptations of plants and/or animals for survival
  • photosynthesis
  • producers and consumers
  • functions of parts of plants
  • decomposition and how nature recycles
  • using the scientific method in a real live experiment to test a hypothesis
  • habitats
  • making bar graphs to represent data
  • nutrition and healthy eating—fruits, vegetables and whole grains

The Program is seeking interested volunteers to be trained as docents or assistant docents or work with our garden manager to maintain the educational gardens.  Docent training sessions start on Monday, September 10th   from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. and September 17th from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. at Capri Elementary School, Room C-6.

Founded 12 years ago, the program serves students in 29 schools in Los Altos, Mountain View, Palo Alto and now Campbell.  The hands-on, inquiry-based science, math, nutrition and social studies lessons take place in school gardens which provide a living laboratory where lessons are drawn from real-life experiences.  

For more information about the Living Classroom and to learn more about volunteering, contact the Living Classroom Campbell Program Manager Stefani Brandt at shawns [at] or call 408-500-9911 and visit the website at