Capri Elementary School

Classified Employee of the Year

Congratulations, Karen Eshoff!

Karen has helped build a strong office team that supports our students, staff, and parents. She has developed excellent relationships with our staff, students, and parents. She tends to student needs and provides excellent customer service to our families. Whether it is bandaging a cut, reading in a classroom, or greeting a student in the office, Karen is always patient and caring. She interacts thoughtfully with our families, which helps our community feel supported and informed. She does a wonderful job taking care of a multitude of issues that occur during a typical school day. Karen also supports our students outside of the office, reading to our students and applying for a field trip to Levi Stadium. Karen is active in our continuous school improvement. In addition, Karen excels at adding extra touches such as birthday celebrations and our March Madness tournament to brighten the day-to-day happenings at Capri.